Effective Brochure Designing

Effective Brochure Designing isn’t something that comes naturally, but it is something to learn – whether you are a corporate or small business.

Brochures have many benefits for your company including the following:

-Gives through a lot of information

-Cost Effective

-Easily distributed

-Personalizes your business

-Establishes authority

However, these benefits will only come naturally if you make use of effective brochure designing. Let’s go into some more detail on this topic.


Effective Brochure Designing Tips:

  • Know your purpose

You need to be aware of what your clients and potential clients want to see and know. Do some research around your industry and focus on the key factors of what you do, whether it be service or product. It needs to be made for a reason, not just to have a brochure because everyone else has got one. It is an item that your clients will use for validation and trust.

  • Don’t use all the pretty fonts

There is no need to have a different font for your heading, subheading and content. Keep it simple and professional by using one font for the text on your brochure. Too many different fonts can make the page look chaotic and quickly lose someone’s trust in your business.

  • Don’t design it for yourself

When designing your brochure, you need to keep the end purpose in mind. You can have many different brochures for different reasons such as promotions, events and functions. You need to create a brochure that will be most beneficial to your potential clients, not to yourself.

  • Keep it short and sweet

If you are trying to get your point cross, keep your statements short, sweet and powerful. There is no need for long sentences and a lot of reading. Getting straight to the point and focusing on the message you want to send is the best way to go about the content. Same goes for the images you want to add. Don’t cluster a lot of images into one spot.

  • Get the folds right

This is one of the most important aspects of using effective brochure designing. If you cannot determine where to put the text according to how the brochure folds, do some testing first – especially if you will be printing it! A good working, looking and easy to use brochure makes the experience a lot better and chances are that whoever has one, will hold on to it and possibly refer back to it as well.

With the above mentioned tips, why not contact us at Budget Banners TODAY to help you with your effective brochure designing? We offer not only the best end products but the best customer service throughout the whole process.

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