Can Old Banners & Gazebos be Refurbished?

So you’ve spent money on your custom printed banner or gazebo and you probably want to know- what do I do when this thing eventually gets old? Will my banner or gazebo get old?

We’d love to tell you it won’t, but as is the way with things, your banner or gazebo has a life expectancy. With the proper care, such as careful storage and handling, you can extend the life of your gazebo and banner for quite some time, but chances are there will come a time when there’s a tear, fading, or a broken frame.

So to answer your question, when your gazebo or banner gets old or damaged, it’s time for a new one. Or you can have your banner or gazebo refurbished if the damage is minor.

Refurbishing Banners

If there is damage to the print itself then there isn’t a patch that’s going to fix fading or tearing effectively. But the good news is that if the frame or base of your banner is still intact you can replace the printed panel. Have a new panel printed to the exact dimensions as the old panel, then find yourself a flat surface to work on.

We’re going to use the pull-up banner for this example. If you lay a pull-up banner out on a table you can stretch it out and take it apart. The base will have a hole to insert an Allen Key into, allowing you to keep the roller mechanism locked in place. From there it’s easy to detach the banner from the white leader sheet, as it’s simply attached with double-sided tape.

Then you’ll want to detach the header bar from the banner, which is a little more complicated, but if it’s a folding clamp type it should clip open and closed. From there you can clip in your new banner. Then attach this banner to the white leader paper, and hold down the banner as you remove the Allen key to stop it from shooting back into the base.

For many, this is still a complicated process; it may be beneficial to keep the banner base and buy a new custom banner, you can then use the old base to cut on costs.

Refurbishing Gazeboes

There’s not much that can be done for a sun-damaged gazebo, especially if it detracts from the signage. If the acrylic fabric is fine and the problem lies in the frame itself, you can take it to be repaired or find replacement parts for the frame from others.

If there’s a tear in the fabric then a simple fabric patch should cover it. Clean the area around the tear to get rid of any dust or dirt that will stop the adhesive from slipping. Apply the patch on both sides about 1 inch around the edge of the tear.

However, if the patch would detract from the signage, it may be better to order a new custom gazebo so as not to hinder your branding efforts.

Look after your Signage to Make it Last

The more you look after your signage the longer it will last before you have to refurbish or replace it. Keep banners, flags, and gazebos stored in their carry bags and cases, and be sure to set them up in suitable locations i.e, a pull-up banner would fall over easily in a breeze outside. And keep your signage out of direct sunlight as much as possible. So don’t leave your gazebo standing outside in the elements for days, take it down in the evenings and set it up in the morning.

This keeps your signage looking fresh for longer, and keep you from needing to order a new custom set sooner rather than later.

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