How Branded Vehicles can Boost Business

Vehicle Magnet Printing


This one is fairly easy to grasp. What’s better than a billboard that’s seen by a lot of people? A billboard that moves around and is seen by even more people!

Because a moving billboard is probably a terrible idea (it sounds impractical, expensive, and terribly distracting to defenseless motorists), there are other means of mobile advertising that doesn’t involve giant moving metal structures.

Vehicle branding involves a vehicle wrap or vehicle magnet and allows you to take your branding on the move. Vehicle branding can add a serious boost to your business for a number of reasons, and if you’re looking to spread brand awareness there’s no better way to get your name out there.

How Branded Vehicles Boost Business

They Convey Contact Details: Besides a great branding design vehicle branding also prominently features your company’s contact details such as phone number, address, website and email. With these crucial details, potential customers can get in contact with you.

They Increase Brand Awareness: Like a giant billboard, vehicle branding is noticeable. Especially if you invest in a noteworthy design. Vehicle branding can be unique enough to even cause a stir or become so recognisable that people look out for it

They enforce Brand Identity: Not only does it encourage a sense of brand identity for you and any of your staff that drives it, but it also enforces your brand identity for the rest of the world. Especially if you really make the design of your branding unique to your corporate identity.

They Promote Reliability: Having a branded vehicle in your company portfolio promotes a sense of credibility and reliability. People are more likely to purchase something from a business they think is more credible and established.

Vehicle Wraps and Vehicle Magnets: The difference

Vehicle wraps are large enough that they can go from covering just the door of the vehicle to its entirety. Vehicle wraps are semi-permanent and can last on your vehicle from 5 to 7 years. They can come in any shape and colour, and sit flat against the body of the vehicle like paint would.

Vehicle magnets are smaller in comparison and can be placed and removed with ease. They are typically geometric in shape and stick to any magnetic surface. They can come in varying designs and patterns as long as they are limited to the magnets surface area,

Find a reliable printing company to do your vehicle branding

Since your vehicle branding is going to be seen by audiences far and wide, and you certainly want to make a good lasting impression to draw in customers, you’re going to want a reputable printing company to design your vehicle branding. At Budget Banners our vehicle wraps and magnets are printed in high quality and full colour. Contact us to find out more about printing services.

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