Reusing Old Beach Umbrellas

branded beach umbrella

As the Summers have come and gone over the past few years, we’ve bought plenty of beach umbrellas in different shapes, colours, sizes and for different places.

Once the cold Autumn nights start to creep in and the beach is no longer as soothing as it was, what do you do with your old umbrellas?

Throw them away? Keep them for next year?

Well, why not find a way to give it another purpose?!

That’s right, reusing old beach umbrellas is a thing and you can easily join in!

Read below to see some creative ideas on reusing old beach umbrellas instead of adding to the waste issue in South Africa.

Ideas for reusing old beach umbrellas:

  • Make a pendant lamp

Get your creative side rolling and spice up any of the rooms in your house with this unique idea! All you need to do is take off the globe, screw out the bulb and then proceed with the following: cut a tiny hole at the top of the umbrella, slide it onto the wire, glue it on and rescrew the bulb back in and voila! You have your very own pendant lamp.

  • Easter Decorations

Make things pretty and colourful by simply adding to your umbrella. Get some double-sided tape, put the umbrella up against a door or wall (or anything, really) with the handle facing upwards or slightly to the side. Proceed to add in some candy canes, flowers, easter eggs or any decorations you can think of!

  • Make a skirt

With Halloween coming up shortly, you cannot go wrong with this one! Remove all the unnecessary parts (everything besides the material). Decide where you want the skirt to fit you, measure yourself, cut the umbrella at the top a tiny bit bigger and add in some form of tightening it. It’s as simple as that and it is SUPER quirky.


  • Make your own bunting

Do you have any celebrations coming up and you don’t want to go buy decorations that will only be stored away afterwards? Well, why not create your own? Take an old umbrella and cut out some bunting flags in different shapes and sizes! You’ll be reusing old beach umbrellas and save money at the same time.

  • All kinds of hooks

If you’ve reused the material part and now you’re left with a bunch of hooks, why not put them to use as well? Drill them onto a wall or door and use it to hang up your coats that are too long to fit in the cupboard or for the batch of keys you keep misplacing.

  • Grocery bags

Time to stop buying those plastic shopping bags every time you do grocery shopping – they are bad for the environment and serve no purpose! Revamp your old umbrellas by doing some sewing and adding two slings to carry – it is fairly easy to do and will come in handy more often than you could imagine.


There you have it! We can create an endless list of ideas, but for now we will leave you with these to start getting creative.


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