Get your name in lights with Banner Walls

Banner Walls

Banner walls in themselves are fairly self-explanatory. Imagine your pull-up banner, but significantly larger. Otherwise known as backdrops, exhibition walls and media walls, banner walls are certainly large enough to catch anyone’s attention, making them an effective means of brand marketing.

But there’s more to banner walls that make them as popular as they are.

They add colour and branding to events

Because of their size, colours and branding potential, media walls can be used to dress an event, providing branding or vibrant imagery. They fill empty space and provide a focal point at an event, like a photo area, a stage, a seating area, or a media section for interviews. They’re easy to set up and take down making them great for media interviews or exhibitions.

Exhibition walls come in various sizes to cater to whatever event they feature in or purpose they fulfil.

They make great backdrops for photography

That’s why these walls work so well with photography and video. Banner walls are often used in film and photography to provide a backdrop, which can either be a solid colour or a background image. Green backdrops also work as greenscreens, which allows you to change a background in a video.

Banner walls have pop-up capabilities which allow them to be set up and taken down quickly, and easily be stored and transported anywhere. This makes them perfect for mobile shoots or for recording and photography on the go, such as for promotions.

They’re highly portable

We mentioned above that media walls can easily be put up and taken down. This is thanks to their lightweight structure, with their fibreglass frames that easily folds in on itself to make it compact. The printed material doesn’t tear and can last for a long time thanks to the storage and carrier bag it comes in. It won’t be torn or sun damaged from within the safety of the bag.

Because of their light structure, it’s advisable not to set banner walls up outside. If you must, make sure it’s tied down to something, or it’s going to become an unfortunate kite.

Order your Banner Wall from Budget Banners

At Budget Banners we’ll print your banner wall in full colour, double or single-sided. They come in a range of sizes for you to choose from at affordable prices, we’ll provide you with a carrier and storage for them. Feel free to contact us to find out more

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