Canvas Prints: The Big Picture

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Photos have long since been a means of decorating your home with fond memories or beautiful landscapes and scenes. And before that, it was paintings, portraits and sketches. But by combining the two we seem to have come full circle, with block canvas prints that are not only stylish but practical and unique as well.

What is a Block Canvas Print?

  • Block canvases are made from canvas stretched taught over a sturdy wooden frame, and are used by artists to paint or draw on. They come in a range of sizes, and can even be custom made to match required measurements.
  • Printing companies can print high-quality images directly onto these canvases, with the image wrapping around the sides, or the sides are painted black.
  • Block canvas prints are popular because their lack of a frame gives them a lighter, floating appearance, with nothing to detract from the image on the canvas. It also means multiple canvas prints can be placed alongside one another without wasting space.

Five Inspiring Styles of Canvas Prints

Painted Canvas Prints

Authentic paintings cost a small fortune, and not all of us are talented artists. If a stick figure is about the best you can do, canvas prints that have been printed with the image of a painting. It will still look authentic, and there is a wide range of artworks you can find that you’re allowed to print. This way you can add artistic flair to your home without breaking the bank or taking art classes.

Collage Canvas Prints

Photo collages can look rather cluttered, with lots of small pictures rather than a few well placed large ones. But thanks to block canvas prints not having a frame, you can create a collage out of larger prints and arrange them on your wall, close together so as not to waste space. It looks less cluttered, and you can choose varying sizes of canvas prints to add some variety.

Staggered Canvas Prints

We really like this one! By using multiple canvases you can create a canvas wall that’s put together like pieces of a puzzle. We can easily complete the image by looking over it, in spite of the gaps in between the frames. We think it looks pretty damn cool at the very least. There are loads of possibilities for this sort of custom print job, and you can pick an image that lends well to the puzzle pieces and their varying sizes.

Textile Canvas prints

These are fairly mixed media prints, and that’s what makes them so fun! Block mounted canvases are sturdy, with strong wooden frames and taut canvas. It also has space on the inside of the fame. This gives you the space to store things inside, or at least for this idea, stick things through the canvas without giving it an uneven back. You can really go wild with this. As long as it’s not too heavy, you can give the surface of your canvas print a 3D element, or something tactile. Think fabrics, beads, chains, or flowers. It’s certainly a creative idea!

Custom Printed Block Canvas from Budget Banners

At Budget Banners we print out custom orders for block mounted canvases, bringing your photos to life on high quality canvas. In full colour and in a wide range of sizes. Plus, if we don’t have the size you’re looking for, you can order your own custom size and shape. Feel free to contact us for more information on our prints, or order your custom print from us.

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