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Flyer Printing


Flyer, Brochure and Leaflet Printing

Flyers are the classic, yet effective, tool for promoting a brand, business or event. These advertising materials are easy to distribute and handing them out in places with heavy foot traffic, like malls and robots, will help your business reach a wider audience using little time and effort.

Full colour print

Effective option for promotion

Various sizes & paper stock available

Will attract attention

Increase brand awareness

A4 – Single Sided

+ R1,527.60
+ R2,929.80
+ R4,702.50
+ R6,908.40

A4 – Double Sided

+ R1,641.60
+ R3,157.80
+ R5,158.50
+ R7,592.40

A5 – Single Sided

+ R815.10
+ R1,504.80
+ R1,852.50
+ R2,633.40

A5 – Double Sided

+ R929.10
+ R1,732.80
+ R2,308.50
+ R3,317.40

A6 – Single Sided

+ R672.60
+ R1,219.80
+ R1,282.50
+ R1,778.40

A6 – Double Sided

+ R786.60
+ R1,447.80
+ R1,738.50
+ R2,462.40

DL – Single Sided

+ R729.60
+ R1,333.80
+ R1,510.50
+ R2,120.40

DL – Double Sided

+ R843.60
+ R1,561.80
+ R1,966.50
+ R2,804.40
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If you want to make a mass impression, flyer printing and brochures are the way to go! They are just as mobile as larger posters and business cards but are less formal, a lot more fun and not to mention as affordable as they are efficient.

Benefits of flyer printing

  • Easily distributed to a wide audience
  • You control where your brochure is placed and who gets it
  • Flexible as you can choose the type of printing paper and size to fit your budget and marketing needs
  • You have total control what is said and how it is said

High Quality Flyers and Brochure Printing in Cape Town & Johannesburg

Flyers and brochures are often linked to promotions and other events, making them exciting and interesting to both design and distribute. They are a less formal and more temporary form of brand awareness, granting you the opportunity to have more leniency and creativity in the design and distribution processes.

Here at Budget Banners we offer a wide variety of printing paper and sizes for flyer printing and brochure printing. Whether you need thousands of small bi-tonal flyers or a smaller amount of smart, sophisticated brochures, we have you covered! It is important to consult with design professionals before going ahead as they will represent your brand and/or event to a large group of potential customers.

flyers and brochuresThe general rule of thumb when it comes to this method of advertising is to keep it simple yet eye-catching. This means that you should use a colour and design scheme that will attract attention then provide the required information as simply as possible.

There’s an art to creating successful flyers and brochures. Visit Budget Banners for expert advice and service. We’ll help create the perfect advertising for your unique needs.

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Contact us today for a quote on the highest quality of flyer printing Cape Town & Johannesburg has to offer!

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