Using Bunting Flags for Education


Bunting flags are probably one of the most versatile products that we have. It can be used for various occasions such as birthday parties, office decor, weddings and much more.

However, the one thing that has probably slipped your mind is using bunting flags for education!

It might sound crazy to you now, but after reading this article you will fully understand why it is totally possible.

All you will need for the following is a flag for all the letters in the alphabet.

5 different ways of using bunting flags for education:


1. You can use it for spelling

With this, you can be more interactive with your class or your child at home.

You don’t even necessarily need string for this as you will be using separate letters all the time. Simply lay it out on a desk or even outside on the grass or patio!

This makes learning a lot more fun and you get to bond with your little one.


2. Match the letters game

This is always a fun one, but why not make it even more fun?!

It is great for either in class or at home (maybe even as homework).

Simply write down different letters on a whiteboard and then ask for the kids to place the matching flag next to it.

This can be done using prestick as it is easy to remove afterwards.

Besides learning as they go along, it is great for building up skills if they are working in groups.


3. Time for hide and seek!

We are pretty sure people of all ages enjoy playing hide and seek, so you definitely cannot go wrong with this one.

Simply hide the letters/flags across the house, classroom or outdoors and let the games begin!

This can even be turned into a real challenge if you have a reward for the person who collects the most letters in one go.



4. Arrange the alphabet in alphabetical order

This is a great way to test knowledge and memory, but also to teach at the same time.

Scramble up all the flags and then ask your class to put it in alphabetical order. You might need a set printed for each student when it comes to this.

5. Animals, Cities and more

This is one of our favourites by far! Using this method can teach kids a lot more than just the alphabet, but keeping it interesting at the same time.

You can have different sets of the alphabet with different matching objects.

Such as A = apple, B = butterfly etc.

Kids will be learning different animal names, cities and objects while learning the fundamentals of it all.


There you have it! Different ways of using bunting flags for education. This blog was inspired to be this amazing post.

We hope these tips and tricks can help you make the classroom more interactive and fun for the little ones.

Keeping their attention drawn to the lesson is the main goal and these ways of using bunting flags for educations should get the job done just right!

If you need the printing done, please feel free to contact us today to get started.

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