Unique Business Cards Ideas


We have previously discussed business cards and all its advantages, but how about we get more into creating unique business cards instead?

As mentioned before, business cards generally leave the first impression for companies which is why they are a key element.

This being said, you want yours to stand out from the crowd and really put a lot of effort into it in order for this to happen.

With the modern age upon us, the best way to go about this is to be unique, creative and to think completely out of the box.

Hopefully with this post that is exactly what you will achieve. Let’s look at how to create unique business cards.

How to create unique business cards:

  1. Sometimes simplicity is key

We know we said this is all about being unique and creative, but that doesn’t mean you can’t keep it simple. Most of the time it is the simple things that catch our eye.

Instead of simple, let’s go with “classy, clean and professional”.

For example, keep it clean, but maybe play around with your logo such as this:


  1. Transparency isn’t only good when it comes to your work

Using transparency paper with a bit of colour can really be a game changer! It is striking, new and completely out of the box.

No doubt will it leave a lasting impression not to mention that people will most likely look at it more than once.

Here is an example:



  1. Use something you generally won’t

This might sound a bit confusing, but we’ll clear that up.

You know how they used to seal letters in the old days with wax and a stamp? Well, why not use that to put your logo on your business card?

It adds a great effective to it and definitely shouts creativity like no other. Here is another example:



  1. Change up the shape

Not ALL business cards have to be the same size, you know? It might seem like a general rule, but sometimes it is better to break them.

Try something fun such as squares, circles or triangles. Just make sure that whatever shape you choose, it can fit all the necessary details on there. Try something like this:



  1. Create sleeves

This we would say is definitely last on the list, but not least!

If you want your business card to seem more like a possession, then this is the way to go.

You can easily design card holders to hand out to customers, clients or leads – this way it will be a lot harder to lose, as well. Take a look at how awesome they look:



Okay, ladies and gents – how was that for unique business cards inspiration?

Find what suits not only you, but your business as well as your target market, and let’s get started today! Keep in mind what tone you are trying to set and the work your way up from there – the outcome can’t be anything other than great!

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