Using Arc Flags

arc flag printing

Using Arc Flags

If you have an upcoming outdoor event and need to find the best way to advertise, then using Arc Flags is going to be your best bet to get the message across.

Designed to be perfect for any outdoor events, the masses of people will easily see your message from far distances.

The ultimate goal we all have in mind is to make more and more people aware of your brand and there is no better place to do it than at a gathering of like-minded people who will most likely have a high interest in what you do.

You might be wondering why they are so great to use, so let’s cover that.

Using Arc Flags at outdoor events

  • Taller and Slimmer

When it comes to large events, of course we want our message to stand out above the crowd so that it can reach as many potential eyes and ears as possible – Branded Arc Flags are designed to do exactly that as they generally reach out a lot higher than general banners giving you more advertising space

  • Variable Printing Options

When it comes to printing, you get to choose whether you want to print only one side or both sides – you can get really creative with this as you can decide whether you’d like to largely promote one or two things at a time.

  • Portable

Who doesn’t love convenience? We sure do! Arc Flags are a great advertising tool, but what makes them even better is the fact that it is both easy to transport and to store away making your life a lot easier. You can keep it in its best condition at all times until the next opportunity arises to use it again. It’s as simple as folding, putting it in a bag and then the other way around when needed!

  • Light in weight

No one enjoys carrying around unnecessarily heavy things – it is an instant call for disaster! Lucking using arc flags makes that issue non-existent as they are very light in weight and can be carried or moved by anyone, no matter how strong or weak you might be!

  • Durable

We’ve all experienced those unexpected weather changes at an event where it ruined our hard work we put into posters, flyers and all the other nitty gritty details of creating brand awareness. Luckily, branded arc flags can withstand all the different elements of all the ever changing seasons – yes, even those unexpected ones no one sees coming!


Here at Budget Banners we aim to give our customers exactly what they need at quality and prices that are nearly impossible to beat! We offer three different sizes:

  • Small – 2m x 620mm
  • Medium – 3m x 620mm
  • Large – 4m x 620mm

All of them are offered in full colour printing to suit all your needs and wants! If this is not exactly what you had in mind to make use of, be sure to look at our Pull Ups, Teardrop Banners, Gazebos and Cluster Flags!

If you need assistance in making a choice, feel free to Contact Us today and we will gladly assist you in getting the right form of advertising done.

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