Summer Beach Umbrellas and Gazebos

branded gazebo

The famous and commonly used Summer Beach Umbrellas go way back from the earliest appearances of a simple palm leaf umbrella. Many centuries ago umbrellas where a symbol of wealth. The first Parasols appeared in Egypt over 3000 years ago and were created to protect nobility and royalty from sunlight and to keep their skin fair, as their lifestyle demanded a pale complexion. Over history it has become a general item that most, if not all, households possess. Umbrellas managed to intersect with history in many interesting ways.

Summer Beach Umbrellas have become a must have in today’s world with the harsh climate changes and the need to stay covered up from the sun to avoid sun burn. Sun burn can be very harmful and dangerous if you are overly exposed to Sunlight without the consideration of protecting yourself.

Why have Summer Beach Umbrellas?

Summer Beach Umbrellas are a must have, to help not only protect us from the sun, but keep us cool on hot summers days

by providing us with welcomed shade. Gazebos are a great source of shade when out and about in today’s busy world: events, braais, beaches, pool sides, you name it! Gazebos are a highly useful item to possess. Parasols are great for restaurants and places that are looking for permanent umbrellas, they are very strong and can withstand strong winds, rain and sun making them perfect in Cape Town. These are heavy duty umbrellas, fit to last a life time.

Budget Banners has a wide range that offers a summer beach umbrellas to everyone, as well as parasols and gazebos available for you. Not only can we cover you this summer, we can also custom print your chosen sun protection items. So if you’re looking for some corporate branding why not buy some gazebos and beach umbrellas from Budget Banners, get them custom printed and send them to your top clients. Not only will these be well received as everyone can make use of these items, but they will possess your brand’s name loud and proud on the surfaces. Take your name on holiday this summer with Budget Banners custom printed Gazebos and Beach Umbrellas.