Canvas Prints Process

canvas printing

Wall Graphics and Canvas prints are the ultimate way to customise your living space be it with personalised family prints or simply a custom-made or trendy design – let’s look at Canvas Prints Process a bit.

A Canvas Print is a print, usually made from a digital photo, that has been printed onto a textured canvas and mounted onto stretcher bars.

When one mentions these prints the first thing that comes to mind are family photos but the options are not limited to this. Existing artwork or even custom-made designs can be printed onto canvas, block mounted and hung up to add a personalised flair to any room. This style of artwork is becoming increasingly popular as a method to display one’s own photography.

Set the tone and feel for any room in your house by adding some personal flavour and design to the empty walls – it will feel more like home than a house and there will always be something to catch the eye and bring back good memories from the past.

Here are also a few key points that canvases have:

  • Lightweight of the frame
  • Easy to hang up and take down
  • High quality canvas material
  • Made to the size you need it to be in
  • Made to order
  • Stylish finish

Canvas Prints Process looks a bit like this:

Personalized prints are created directly from a scanned or digital image or photo using a high-tech printing technology. The tone and colour is then configured to match as closely as possible to the original image which the machine then recreates onto a textured canvas.

Digital prints made by inkjet printers are called Giclée prints, a term coined by printmaker Jack Duganne

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