History on Banners

Let’s look at the History on Banners

Before diving into the History of Banners – Let’s first start by clearly defining what exactly a banner is. These can easily be described as a flag or cloth bearing a symbol, logo, slogan or some sort of a message. Banners are used to display the message in a different number of situations.

The word banner derives from French word “bannière” and the late Latin word bandum which means a cloth out of which a flag is made.

How were Banners made

Banners have been used throughout the centuries, with Romans using their coat of arms on banners outside their homes to allow people to identify their premises. Knights used to carry banners around on the battle field so they could easily be identified. The use of banners in government dates as far back as the early 1800’s, when trade unions first started. Banners were used to illustrate the workers’ demands. Who said the history on banners can’t be interesting?

Over time they have been used for many different purposes from religious to sports. The main purpose these days is to advertise and get a message across to the intended market. Banners are a cheaper way of repetitive marketing. So they can be used over and over again at different “events” targeting different markets.

Banners have been made using all kinds of different methods through history. The first being sewing, they were stitched together using different coloured threads to stitch pictures into fabrics. Another older form of banner making was Applique, which means to apply or apply something else. Hastings Embroidery or Quilting is a modern day example of how applique technique is applied in banner making. Banners can also be painted and patchwork can be applied. There are many different options available when deciding on techniques. The history on banners can be quite intriguing when you look at it in this amount of detail.

Modern day contemporary banners

Nowadays banners are used for all kinds of advertising and getting a message across. They can be found all over your city. On shopfronts, in-store or just general city news. They are a great investment for business as they stand out and can be any size.

At Budget Banners we print our banners on PVC. This is the most recent form of banner printing. PVC allows you to keep you banners out no matter what the weather conditions, they are also a lot more durable and easy to keep clean and looking fresh.

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