What is a Golf Umbrella?


Come rain or sunshine, outdoor umbrellas are an absolute must-have and a Golf Umbrella is the perfect addition to any marketing campaign.  With the wide selection of Golf Courses in the City of Cape Town ideally one shouldn’t be without one!  Promote your brand with style while out on the course with Budget BannersGolf Umbrellas Cape Town.

Having a branded golf umbrella can have many benefits when being put to use at outdoor events and venues such as sporting clubs, promotional events and of course, sports events – everyone needs some cover from the sun to prevent that very unwanted sunburn!

Putting your brand/logo on an umbrella can really create a lot of brand awareness as people will be seeing it all day due to the broad surface, it is bound to catch the eye of all the by-passers.

What is a Golf Umbrella?

These umbrellas are typically designed to be larger than your regular, every-day umbrella as they need to be able to provide protection for the player, golf bag and possibly even the caddy. Essentially, you can fit 3-4 people under one outdoor umbrella!

Considered the largest hand-portable umbrella, Golf Umbrellas are typically 157cm in diameter but can range anywhere from 150cm to 180cm. Here at Budget Banners our Golf Umbrellas measure at 150cm.

Some golf umbrellas have also been adapted with vents to prevent strong winds from turning the umbrella inside out although the large size and sturdiness of the canopy also helps prevent this. Golf umbrellas also have ergonomic handles to prevent the golfer’s hands from cramping by keeping it in a natural position while the umbrella is being held.

Besides being great for what they have been designed for – golf courses – they can also be used at home in the backyard, at the beach and still in turn get some publicity!