Bunting Flags for Weddings


Did you know that you can use Bunting Flags for Weddings? You might be wondering what could make them so special, but that means that you don’t know all the many different ways they could actually be used.

If you are planning an upcoming wedding venue design and decorations, here is some inspiration to add something new and exciting to this special event!


Different ways to use Bunting Flags for Weddings:

1. Reams – when it comes to bunting, it creates a much more exciting and dreamy vibe when used in large amounts. Having one or two strings of bunting flags hanging around might look limp and effortless. Instead, place rows and rows and rows of them after each other to set the right environment.

2. Washi Tape – bunting flags don’t always have to be large in size. Using Washi Tape can create a colourful and elegant look when assorted in the right way. Hang it overhead or even as decorations for your cake!

3. Scalloping – why go with what everyone else does? Make your bunting flags more round instead of triangular in order to create a completely new soft look and feel to these.

4. Handkerchiefs – get super creative and go for a more vintage look by using old school handkerchiefs.

5. Rags – using strands of material can add a very unique and kind of rustic look to your special day. Using different colour schemes can also determine the vibe it gives off.

6. Go all white – we have given a lot of ideas on colours, shapes and sizes, so for the last one let’s keep it simple, yet elegant. Going all white can turn your special day into a real fairytale.

Now that you have some new inspiration for Bunting Flags for Weddings, why don’t you contact us here at Budget Banners today?

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