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Budget Banners Product Range

At Budget Banner’s we’re dedicated to superior corporate branding – that’s why we stock a wide range of products, from banners and flags to business cards and vehicle signage. All of which goes a long way to promoting your brand and bulking up your corporate image.

Banners and Flags

Great for both indoor and outdoor advertising, banners and flags are easily transportable and just as efficient to set up. We print all our banners and flags in full colour on durable pvc plastic, ensuring a longer product lifespan. These products are eye catching and great for brand advertising or sharing small amounts of important information. And they’re reusable!

Banners and flags come in various shapes, types and sizes, including; A-Frames, Pull-Ups, Arc, Dolphin, Shark-fin, X-Frame, Walls, Telescopics, Bunting, Pop-ups, Teardrops, Wind Socks and Clusters. Each has their own area to shine in your arsenal of brand advertising mediums.

Branded Shading Solutions – Beach Umbrellas, Parasols, Gazebos, Star Marquees, and Golf Umbrellas

Branding that proves useful to your potential clients is a step above the rest, because not only are your getting your name out there in a positive light, but you’re also providing a service! That’s why there’s always a branded gazebo at outdoor events, and you’ll often find star shade marquees at large events as well.

Branded beach umbrellas, golf umbrellas and parasols also have their place. They’re great for restaurants or drinks brands to advertise themselves, and they can often be found at events as well. Branded beach umbrellas get a lot of traffic, as you’ll rarely find yourself at the beach alone. And golf umbrellas can be used on any occasion when it rains. This makes them perfect to give out as free advertising on a rainy day.

We print our shading products in full colour with your logo/design, and they can be printed on all panels or selected panels.

Bulk Prints – Flyers, Business Cards and Posters

To get your name and details out in bulk, flyers and business cards are a great handout! Flyers are used for menus, to advertise special events, and to advertise your product catalogues. They also make perfect brochures.

We print our cards and flyers in full colour and double sided or single sided. We’re set on making sure you leave a memorable impression to everyone you give your cards or flyers to. We print up to 2000 business cards and up to 3000 flyers!

Posters are also useful. Similar to banners and flags, posters can be set up anywhere. You can use them as an effective outdoor advertising medium because you can stick them up wherever you need them. Bus stops, on signs, on walls, on polls, the works! They come available in a range of sizes and in full colour.

Branding on the Move – Vehicle Wraps, Magnets, and License Disk Stickers

Your own personal vehicle and your company vehicles go far and wide, reaching a much broader audience than specific events or in-store advertising could. By providing your logo and snippets of important details, you get your company name and details out there in the world for all to see.

You can either go with a more permanent vehicle wrap, or stick to vehicle magnets, which can be removed if need be. This also means you won’t have trouble trying to sell your car. License Disk stickers are branded and incredibly useful, so feel free to hand them out! People will appreciate that thoughtfulness.


We also print a number of other products, including display stands, personalised pillows, canvas prints, custom stickers, branded chairs, wallpapers, signs and signboards. These can be for personal use or for branding, which is great for companies and the individual alike.

Check out our range of products below to see what branding solution works best for you!

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