Indoor Advertising – The Versatile Pull Up Banner


When it comes to advertising, you don’t have to go big or go home; our Versatile Pull Up Banner is a great alternative to billboards. Particularly in an indoor environment, it might not be practical (or legal) to set up a billboard in an exhibition hall. They really don’t want you setting up permanent adverts inside their buildings. We don’t think you can have a plane fly through it pulling a banner either, that sounds pretty illegal.

There’s no need to lament over the impracticality of large scale advertising. A versatile Pull-Up Banner, also known as roll up banners, and other portable means of advertising are far more sustainable and cost effective options to spread your brand awareness. Not to mention easier to set up, and wonderfully practical!


Our Versatile Pull Up Banners are:


Pull up banners are light, durable, and most importantly, portable! Their light weight means they may just become kites on a windy day, so we recommend you use them for indoor advertising unless otherwise weighted down. Still, they are designed for indoor use, and that’s where they’re bound to be the most useful. There are other more practical options for outdoor advertising if that’s what you’re hoping for, such as branded gazebos, A Frame banners, and various other outdoor banners such as telescopic and teardrop banners.


Your banner also fits in it’s base, allowing for compact storage. This means it’s easy to set up, pack up, transport and store away. Easy storage ensures your product lasts for as long as it possibly can, without fading from light damage or contact with sharp objects. When you next need it your banner can easily be retrieved and used again.


These banners can be printed in whatever colour you choose, with whatever design is necessary. Just because it’s affordable doesn’t mean you have to compromise. Pull up banners can be printed on both sides for maximum signage visibility, and come in a vary of sizes for any use or occassion. They can even make a handy mini desk banner.

What Are Pull Up Banners Uses:

Pull Up Banners really shine at exhibitions, proving a great way to decorate your exhibition space or to advertise your business and the location of your stall out in the hall. Restaurants find them useful as menus, and can be used to advertise sales or promotions wherever there is a lot of foot traffic. As mentioned above they also have a place on a desk, making them useful for consultants as a mini banner on their desk.

Pull up banners can also make a useful teaching assistant in schools or universities to display diagrams or points. This same principle makes it useful for trade shows or presentations as they are easily accessible to explain a point.

Of course, these aren’t the only uses for pull up banners. They would make a pleasing sight in any store front or cinema hall. Whatever your indoor advertising needs are, there is certainly a place for the versatile pull up banner. They stand as a testament that one doesn’t have to break the bank to advertise effectively.

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