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Are you busy decorating your home and decided that your walls need a makeover? You’ve probably opted for wallpaper, but now you’re stuck at home on the internet, because you have no idea how to apply it!

Budget Banners is here to save you from your misery with our top tips for applying wallpaper!

Wallpaper is a great alternative to paint as it is easy to apply, it looks neat and professional and can also be removed if you ever wish to do so!

What make sit even better is that you can use it anywhere from the nursery to the boardroom at your office.

The options are endless – you even get to choose between a custom design or a pre-designed one.

So, get your thinking caps on, but first let’s have a look at tips for applying wallpaper.


Top 5 tips for applying wallpaper:

  1. Cut all the power to switches and outlets

You are going to want to do this at the very start.

Simply turn off the power in the room before papering around the switches and outlets. Then proceed to paper over them as though they were never there.

After this is done, make diagonal slits from opposite corners and trim away the triangular flaps and replace the cover plate.


  1. Always double check yourself

It is best to find a mistake early in the process of applying wallpaper. The earlier you find it, the more chance you stand of actually being able to fix it.

In order to achieve this, you are going to have to double check your work quite often.

If you see any bubbles, smooth them out. If you see any seam matches, adjust them before the glue sets.


  1. Order everything at once

Don’t order your wallpaper in bits and pieces – rather order everything at once. So, before you order, you need to measure the amount that you will need.

This means you need to get the width and length of all the walls you’re planning on o=covering up. Simply place your order and wait for its arrival.


  1. Lining paper is your friend

How exactly do you go about this? Well, we recommend you hang a medium weight lining paper on the wall before hanging the wallpaper. This will prevent the wallpaper from creasing or stretching and also helps the paste to dry faster.

  1. Get rid of excessive adhesive

While you’re working, you will notice excessive adhesive and you’re going to want to get rid of that! Simply keep a sponge at hand that you can wipe it away with and a bucket of lukewarm water in order to keep it clean.

There is no point in wiping away something with a dirty sponge!

Now that you have our top 5 tips for applying wallpaper, we hope you’re no longer sitting at home feeling hopeless!

Besides the above-stated tips for applying wallpaper, there are also many tutorial videos you can find online.

Happy papering!

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