Random Facts About Business Card Printing

Business Cards

Even though business card printing has come a long way and evolved a lot, let’s not forget about where they came from and some random facts!
Here are some fun facts you probably didn’t know about the small cardboard in your pocket:
• The industry dates back to the 15th century in the heart of China and were referred to as “Meishi” or “visiting cards” that served a purpose as a card to announce a meeting with another individual.

Business cards were once presented at a company’s entrance in order to decide if it was worth it to organize a meeting.
Business Card Printing was a bit different in Germany where they actually printed their names on woodcuts and handed them out as greeting cards.
• Further into the 1600’s, it was introduced into Europe and generally had a map on it for direct potential customers and was referred to as a “trade card”.
• Jumping to the future, lithographic printing became a reality and cards were printed with images and full colour designs.

Business Card Printing was all and well, but handing them out to friends and family was considered rude as it seemed as though you’d want to do business with them.

• Moving on to the 2000’s, things have changed at a large rate! Creativity came to play and edible cards, transparent cards and even 3D business cards are being created!
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