Proudly South African Marketing Campaigns

Let’s have a look at the Proudly South African Marketing Campaigns

As a professional locally based advertising and printing company, we at Budget Banners love to keep up with the brilliant Proudly South African marketing campaigns. Recently we’ve had a small in-house debate about which campaigns got the most attention. After some heated discussions, we present to you our favourites:

1.       Let’s start off on a serious note. Something we were all concerned with is the state of our environmental and wildlife protection. The one that caught our attention was the Save the Rhino Foundation.Their simplistic yet powerful advertising showed various animals with strap-on horns on their faces. What’s clever about these adverts is that it appealed to the public’s sense of loss. When people think they are about to lose something forever, they always tend to love that thing more than they used to. That, is extremely clever. This is why this is one of our top Proudly South African Marketing Campaigns.

2.       On a separate note, Nandos uses a completely different approach to promote their brand. Their wittiness and sarcasm has captured the hearts of many South Africans (us included) with their unique signboards. The reason why we love them so much as a country is that they are always on-point with current news titbits and are never too scared to mock them. In essence, we love them because they are like the best gossiper around.

3.      One other important mechanism in successful advertising is innovation. We saw an example of that innovation in Cape Times. Yes, we know we know, what innovation could a boring newspaper possibly have? Remember when the word Selfie became Word of the Year as judged by the Oxford Dictionary? Cape Times took advantage of that and photoshopped famous historical photographs into selfies. Now that really brought important news closer to home.

4.       We of course can’t completely leave out the global trend setters (even though we love and support our beautiful country). Let’s talk about Lay’s for a moment. The one big interesting thing we loved was their Flavour World Cup where they introduced global flavours and asked consumers to vote for their favourite. Needless to say we all voted our Proudly South African biltong flavour (except for one person, we won’t mention the name). We can’t even begin to talk about the amount of audience participation for this campaign. Involving the much loved John Smit did wonders too. Success? We think so.

5.       To end things off, we want to tell you the importance of making your advertisement memorable. Even to this day, some of us at Budget Banners still remember the famous feud between BMW and Audi. “Congratulations to Audi for winning South African car of the year, from the World car of the year”. It seemed like a compliments but was actually a well-crafted witty insult.  And of course Audi’s response was also gold. Due to the witty banter, we remembered the campaign and both parties benefited from it.

There are of course many other examples of clever advertising ideas from our brilliant local marketers. To see what makes a successful advert, have a look at this infographic.