Outdoor Advertising – The Humble Branded Gazebo

Branded gazebos

When it comes to outdoor advertising, the humble yet highly effect branded gazebo not only spreads brand awareness, but it also proves useful and meaningful to yourself and your potential customers and buyers.

But when most businesses think outdoor advertising, they envision massive billboards and planes trailing banners with aching wallets and a creeping dread. Even if one can afford it, a billboard may not be the right means of advertising for you; here’s looking at you small to medium-sized family business owners. We know you mean well, but trust us, don’t do it, it’s not worth it.

When it comes to most South African small to medium businesses, a close relationship with customers is crucial to business. A massive billboard on the side of the road is impersonal and a poor representation of your business. Outdoor advertising is not just a way of spreading brand awareness, but can also be a means of building a relationship between you and your customers.


Outdoor Advertising: Branded Gazebos


Humor us for a moment; Picture a bustling crowd of customers enjoying the weather outside your store, sampling products, or better, enjoying mouth watering boerie rolls you’ve catered for them. All under the shelter of your branded gazebo. It provides a fun atmosphere they will associate with your brand, if that would suit your brand image.


Expos are all about spreading brand awareness and reaching a new audience. Well, nothing quite says brand awareness like a branded gazebo over your expo stand. Be it outside or indoors, potential customers will see your signage from far and wide.


This one pretty much speaks for itself, but a gazebo is like a giant permanent umbrella! It protects you and your customers from rain, sun, and wind. And it’s way more portable than carrying a giant billboard around. We don’t think billboards provide much weather protection anyway.

You see, the gazebo not only provides shelter from the elements, but can host a number of activities too. From a stall for selling products to an expo stand, from a braai to a place for people to rest in general, the gazebo provides a wonderful atmosphere. You can even use it for personal use, bringing your business brand with you on holiday or when enjoying a sunday at the beach.

Thus the humble gazebo sure beats a billboard in terms of versatility, you don’t even have to factor in the steep price difference between the two. You also pay rent on billboard space, while a gazebo lasts for as long as you take care of it. After the actual purchase, it costs nothing to set up.

Gazebos are also very easy to set up and put down, folding into a compact bundle that can in turn be stored in a carry bag. You can take your advertising anywhere! And with strong tie downs and ground hooks they can be secured against even the worst Cape Town winds.

And when it comes to branding, there’s no need to worry about colour or picture. Gazebos can be printed in full colour no matter what the design. You won’t ever have to compromise on your branding.

In conclusion, the branded gazebo is a reliable means of communicating to your customers in a meaningful way, building a relationship with them through thoughtful and useful advertising. It is as as versatile as it is customer-centric.

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