Double-Sided Banners Vs Single-Sided Banners


If you’re looking to grab attention for your business and brand, both indoor and outdoor, banners are a great way to convey crucial information and draw the eye with colour and imagery.

Banners come in a number of shapes, sizes and designs, like the teardrop, telescopic, sharkfin, arc and dolphin banners, which can easily be set up outside and are often wind resistant. Then there’s the pull-up banner, banner wall, and X frame banner, which work best indoors out of the wind.

They can come in a range of sizes, but most importantly all these banners come double or single sided. Depending on what you’re using the banner for and what’s going on it, choosing to print double or single sided is of utmost importance.

We’ll explain the difference between both.

Single Sided Banners

When you print a single sided banner, you’re more than likely to end up with a reversed image on the other side as the light shines through the banner, causing the reverse image to become visible. Small font or imagery will be illegible, but concise bold type may be discernable. Well-known logos are also distinguishable even when reversed.

If you’re using a banner wall or a banner that’s going to be put up against a wall or corner where no one will be able to see the back, then there’s no need to pay extra for a double-sided banner. Some banners like x frame only come single sided.

Large banners with recognisable imagery or big blocky letters may not need to be double sided either. It’s easy to recognise ‘Coming Soon’ or ‘On Sale Now’ even when it’s reversed.


Double Sided Banners

When you print a double-sided banner, you’re essentially printing the image on both sides. It’s not a reflection of the image since the same image has been printed on both sides of the material or two sheets have been put together.

If you’re advertising in an open space, at an expo or if you’ve got a lot of information, then the double sided banner is the best bet. It can either be the same on both sides, or it can be two different prints. Banner walls are two different pieces of fabric pulled over the frame.

Double sided banners provide the most information and coverage, and they’re legible no matter if you’re coming from the back or front. They’re more expensive than printing single sided, but you get more bang for your buck and aren’t limited to what angle your content is visible from


Order your Double or Single Sided Banner from a Printer you can Trust

Whether you’re looking for single or double sided banners, you’re going to want your banners to be the best quality, from the materials to the frames, to the visual and colour quality. At Budget Banners we provide prints we can be proud of and produce banners that are vivid and eye-catching. We can also advise you on whether your banner would be best printed double or single sided. Feel free to contact us at our Cape Town or Johannesburg branches to find out more.


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