Business Card Printing Johannesburg: The Basics

Business Card Printing Johannesburg

Before we get into the Business Card Printing Johannesburg – The Basics topic, let’s just get this little statement out of the way:

Most companies of today will have professional business cards that helps set the first impression for a new client or customer.

If you are looking at getting business cards for your business, small or big, let’s take a look at some of the basic information you need to have on them.

A lot of companies don’t provide the necessary information and this can sometimes be frustrating for people who are trying to contact them.

Business Card Printing Johannesburg

The Basics for Business Card Printing Johannesburg:

  • Your logo and motto – your logo and your motto is what presents your business and is mostly how people would identify your business. If you do not provide this information on your business cards then people won’t know it’s from your company.
  • Your name and job title – if someone directly contacted you before and would like to get in contact with you again, it’s a pretty good idea to have your name and job title on there so that people can be aware of who they are approaching.
  • Contact information – this is common sense, but providing only one point of contact might not be enough. Try and provide at least two forms of contact such as your office or personal number along with your work email. The ultimate would be to have your website address contact page, office number and email address.

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  • Social Media Profiles – most people nowadays believe that all companies should have social profiles, if not, you basically don’t exist to them. People like having a platform where they can interact and follow businesses they support and are well informed on.
  • Creativity – at the end of the day, all people “buy” with their eyes and having a business card that looks unique and professional will help people remember your business from the first encounter.
  • Keep it simple – on top of creativity you need to remember to not go overboard as this can be off putting when looking at a business card with absolutely way too much information on it. People automatically lose interest and chuck it in the bin if it hurts to look at.

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Now that you have some more information and tips on Business Card Printing Johannesburg might need to keep in mind, give yours a go or Contact Budget Banners today to take care of it for you. Our professional team will work within your budget to create you a unique yet professional business card.

If this is not exactly what you are looking for, have a look at our Signs and Signboards, Custom Made Stickers, Flyer Printing and Vehicle Magnets.

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